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AV VoizGame has an interface that literally resembles a gaming controller. This fun interface includes many bright colors and voice adjustments settings. Users can even choose from a variety of “nickvoices,” which are essentially pre-made character voices (taken from the term “nickname”).


Using AV VoizGame is a lot of fun to do, since the whole point of this program is to change your chatroom voice to that of a gaming character. To use the program, simply change the pitch of your voice by sliding the available controller to the left of the right. You can also choose to record or play a voice by tapping the corresponding button. Really, this program is very easy to use and all types of users will have fun with AV VoizGame.

Main Function

The purpose of AV VoizGame is to provide users with a way to change their regular voice. This program will get a lot of use if you participate in role-playing games frequently or if you just want to change the way your voice sounds when chatting with a friend. AV VoizGame is completely compatible with most chat programs including MSN, Yahoo Messenger, and others.

Extra Features

One of the best features included with this program is the “nickvoices” feature that provides users with pre-made voice options. Characters include princesses and other cartoon voices. Nickvoices is a lot of fun and users will find this option very appealing!


If you want to have fun while chatting and role-playing, AV VoizGame is worth the $29.95 price tag.

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Reviewed by Harriette Halepis
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